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Welcome to the Via Nova ® Screen Saver (Screensaver) Web site. Look here for the latest versions of our OpenGL shareware software such as our Screensaver (3D Screen Saver), and any other information relating to our products. This page last updated April 21, 2010.

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Via Nova 3D (3-D) Animated Objects And Photographs Screen Saver (Screensaver) V 4.1 OpenGL Shareware for Windows 95/98 and NT

3D Animated Objects And Photographs Screen Saver (Screensaver) V 4.1 for Windows 95-98 and NT
Rated 5 Stars ***** by Ziff-Davis (PC Magazine, etc).
Very nice 3D (3-D) screen saver pack draws nearly 200 different screens in succession.  Draws high quality true 3D objects which can be animated and play sounds according to user configuration.  Can wrap graphics images such as photographs and movies around 3D objects.  Several predefined objects include colorful 3D: clock, text, spacecraft, space station, teapot, airplanes, helicopter, tank, running man, swimming fish, Zeppelin, alien city, etc.  Configuration also includes options for type of motion, color choice and smooth vs. flat shading, light position, texture, and others.  Go to our web page to see other 3D products, including an application to produce 3D image files and 3D movie files for use on the Internet or on PC's.  The screen saver can be used as a stand-alone application to experiment with configurations, or to run demonstrations or display 3D text.  In this mode you can create images using the predefined 3D objects and then watch them be animated.  Uses Microsoft's version of OpenGL, a high quality 3D drawing package.  For Microsoft Windows 95-98 and Intel versions of Windows NT 4.0 or better.  This screen saver will automatically use any OpenGL graphics accelerator board which is available on the system.  Easy install and uninstall program, context sensitive help.  Phone 1-800-931-2111.  Internet Web site  Shareware, registering gets update notification, and technical support. 3D Animated Objects And Photographs Screen Saver (TM) developed by Via Nova ®.  Cost is $19.

Frequently Asked Questions about Screen Savers (Screensavers)

The animated 3-D photograph screen saver (also called screensavers or screen savers) uses OpenGL to draw the 3-D objects and photographs. Our screen saver is much more configurable than most screen savers. You can configure the screensaver to display things like your name and company name. It works as a screensaver on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 (also known as Win95, Win98, WinNT, and Win2000). OpenGL is also used to display the photos (photographs). Any photo (photograph) can be displayed and animated on any of the 3-D objects. Several of the objects can have either a single photo or multiple photos displayed on their surface. The photos can be in most of the popular photo image formats. The photos can also be cropped, flipped, etc by the screensaver. Screensavers are activated when the computer has been inactive for a specified period of time. Screen savers also have the option of requiring a password to be entered before the computer can be reactivated. This screen saver displays many more screens than most screen savers. Screensavers can work with power management systems. The screensaver can take advantage of any OpenGL 3D (3-D) hardware that you have. The screensaver is shareware and thus you can try it before you buy it.
General tips, also notes on using with McAffee ScreenScan 3.00 virus checker.

These are some sample images from animated scenes in the Screen Saver (Screensaver)

Click thumbnail image to see full image (AOL users may not see the images clearly due to your browser).

moving spheres Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) morphing Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) running man Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) solar system Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) sphere with company name Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) spheres around torus Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) teapot Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) via nova Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) dna Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) f 15 Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) helicopter Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) p 38 Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) zeppelin Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver) art gallery 1 Screen Saver (3D Photograph Screensaver)


WHAT'S NEW FOR VERSION 4.1 of the Screen Saver (Screensaver)

1.    Simple  Wizard  for  text  and photographs  screen  configuration
2.   Enhanced text ability.
3.   More screen configurations.
4.   New configuration file format for enhanced text.
5.   Command to modify text or photo in all configurations.
6.   Option to override use of h/w vs. s/w for 3D.
WHAT'S NEW FOR VERSION 4.0 of the Screen Saver (Screensaver)

1.Wizard for screen configuration creation.
2.Easier to modify configurations.
3.More screen configurations.
4.Some commands moved to different locations.
5.Improved Help file.
6.New configuration file format.
WHAT'S NEW FOR VERSION 3.6 of the Screen Saver (Screensaver)

1. Text effects:  Emboss, engrave, shadow.
2. Text overprinting to do underline, strikethrough, etc.
3. Rim color of some objects can be specified
4. Ability to automatically position an object according to the prevoious
   object's size.
5. Added templates for configurations.

Free Software and Images

Free software to convert between GIF, JPEG, and BMP image formats. Links where free paintings, photographs, and background images and textures can be downloaded.

To Contact Via Nova:

E-mail or postal mail is the preferred method of contact. Phone contact is available 9:00AM to 5:00PM CST USA, Monday through Friday.

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By Telephone: Via Nova ® and 3D Animated Objects And Photographs Screen Saver (TM) are trademarks of Zachary Hilbun.

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