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Helping you with your software and hardware needs

Design and development of embedded systems, prototypes, smartphone applications, desktop applications, and 3D graphics for consumer, commercial and industrial applications. Let us develop your product for you, or if you have an existing staff, add expertise to it. We do consulting / contracting on both short and long term projects.

If you have an idea for a product, we can help you define what you product will do, how it operates, the user interface for it, and the software that makes it happen. If needed, we can develop a hardware or software prototype as a proof of concept. We have partners that can do the hardware design for a finished product and arrange for its manufacturing.

If you have an existing staff, and you need a skill that you don't happen to have, or you just need extra software, design, or system help, then we can immediately start contributing. We have a background in being brought in to work on projects in software, design, or system for embedded products. Both prototypes and finished.

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Areas Of Expertise

Embedded Software Embedded Systems / Embedded Software
Embedded Linux
Embedded microprocessors
Real-time processing
Device drivers (including Linux)
Bare metal code
TCP/IP socket programming
Board bring-up
Linux applications
C, C++
Assembly language
Factory tests
SQL database, including SQLite
wireless design
Prototypes Prototypes
Arduino software and hardware prototypes
Linux software and hardware prototypes
SQL database, including SQLite
Smartphone Applications Smartphone Applications
Embedded Android
Smartphone Android
Smartphone iPhone
User interfaces
SQL database, including SQLite
Business applications
Desktop Applications Desktop Applications
Linux applications
Windows applications
User interfaces
SQL database, including SQLite
Business applications
Languages such as:
C, C++
3D Graphics 3D Graphics
OpenSceneGraph (OSG, Open Scene Graph)
OpenGL (Open GL)

Some Of Our Clients

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